In Memory

Mike Doell

Mike Doell

From Mike's Obituary:

"They are not dead who live in the hearts they leave behind." Native American Wisdom. Remembered as a devoted son, faithful brother, fun-loving pardner & cowboy, compassionate physician, adoring husband and doting Dad.

"Mike was one of those guys bigger than life," his wife said Wednesday. "He was a happy, terrific person. Never grumpy."

Dr. Michael Doell, described as a cowboy at heart, filled his office with family photographs, teased his staff and always had a joke to tell.  His family and co-workers  mourned the loss of the 54-year- old Colorado Springs obstetrician and gynecologist, who died in a wreck in Grand County, Colorado.

Doell left behind his wife, Jennifer, and four children - Chelsey, Ryan, and twins Molly and Cameron.

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02/11/16 02:59 PM #1    

Don Larson

We miss you Mike.    Have lots of memories from our baseball teams.

Sorry we did not cross paths after high school.

Blessings and rest in peace my friend.

02/18/16 03:18 PM #2    

Cole Tidwell

One of God's good ones.Always looked up to him in school. A natural born leader.

02/19/16 11:04 PM #3    

Judy Lear

Such a fine man, not surprised he became a Doctor....had such a gental side....I hate it when I see our firnd went by accident...that's not the way it's supposed to be...God speed to his family...he was a GOOD man!

02/21/16 08:59 AM #4    

Sue Burrell

As everyone has observed, it is not at all surprising that Mike grew up to be an amazing person.  I remember that in Jr. High math class, we had to sit in the order of our test scores. (What was that little teacher's name? She was tough, and we cringed every week when she would announce the new order.) Mike was always in the very first seat as number 1.  But what was great was that he wasn't full of himself.  He always seemd kind and gracious. 

02/21/16 11:25 AM #5    

Jim Bullock

I believe you are speaking of Ms. Colton for 7th grade math.

02/22/16 09:47 AM #6    

Sue Burrell

Yes, Miss. Colton.  Thanks, Jim....

02/22/16 10:22 AM #7    

Don Larson

Funny thing was that Mrs. Culter, who I had in 4th grade school year 1957/58, also placed us in order of how we were in Math.   Not sure if we sat in the same seats for other subjects, but at least for math.   Still remember crossing out the nines when doing addition as a way to check our answer.    Guess the math teachers did the same things back then.   

02/23/16 05:03 PM #8    

Jeff Grant

What was the name of that eighth grade teacher with the really awful body odor who would always stand right next to you at the black board when you tried to work out a formula? Completely broke your concentration. And how about Mr. Fangman and his science experiments?

06/12/16 01:23 AM #9    

John Randel

Mike was the alpha male in our social group in the early 60s. I followed him around hoping to get closer to all the great girlfriends he attracted, e.g. Laura Baumberger, Barbara Barton, Joanne Haught... Mike was in my classes since we were tracked together in (Mrs. Huser's) English and the advanced math cohort. I detoured to Scottsdale High during 64-66 but again became Mike's classmate in '66-69 at Pomona College (50% pre-meds) where we were together in chemistry and many zoology classes. As time went on, Mike mostly ignored the frivolity of the 60s happening all around us. He could always be found studying in his suite in Walker Hall, surrounded by his close girlfriend/friends. So, I knew him well and was very shocked and saddened to learn of his fate. 

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