Our Journey 1966 - 2022

Special thanks to Art Battson for creating this classmate survey.
Our Journey

   “It was the best of times, it was the worst of times.” - Charles Dickens
   "Good times, bad times, you know I've had my share.” - Led Zeppelin

The one thing we all shared was being in the same good place at the same good time at the same high school: Coronado between the years 1962 and 1966. 
-Was every day perfect? No.
-Do we still remember some “Good Old Days”? Yes.
-Did we grow up in the Great Depression or graduate from college only to get our first job in the South Pacific being depth-charged in the middle of a World War? No. (“Been there. Done that.” as my Father would say)
And just what was the question to the 4th answer on Mr. Burge’s final exam? Aranta.
There you have it: No, Yes, No, Aranta. Life can only get better. “It can’t get no worse” - John Lennon
Even if you can’t answer that last question, your classmates would still love to hear from you. Especially your good times.
The survey questions below are about you and your journey.
Tell us about your journey. Now that you have made almost 75 trips around the sun and traveled over 40 billion miles along the way, you may take a bow and tell us just how your trip has been and what is left on your proverbial bucket list. An unabridged autobiography isn’t necessary. Think Reader’s Digest or the Top Ten Answers on your board. Just don’t hit that delete button yet. Your fan club is waiting anxiously for your news, any news (even if it brings back memories they never had).
Still with us?
Great. Now think of your past, present, and future.
Thanks for your time today. We really hope to hear back from you.
PS:  Did I mention that pictures would be great? (Photoshopping is optional) Just a thought.

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1)   Your Past What did you decide to do after you graduated from high school?

2)   Your Past Where did life take you?

3)   Your Past Any unexpected twists and turns?

4)   Your Past Moments of thankfulness or times you regret (we could all relate)?

5)   Your Past If you could edit out anything from the latter, what would your highlight reel look like? Our hope is that it wasn't a Tragical History Tour.

6)   Your Present What do you love doing these days?

7)   Your future? What are you looking forward to doing?

8)   Final Thoughts Remember - Miles may separate us, but sharing your story and more about yourself is a wonderful way to connect with your fellow travelers. Besides, it's never too late to meet a close friend you never had or give the rest of us some good advice or great ideas to ponder. Any final thoughts?