50th Reunion Events Recap

Katy Tahja (Kathy Alban) has provided us with a great recap of our reunion events please enjoy the read and the parade article & pictures provided by Art Battson from the July 5th edition of the San Diego UT.  Over the next few weeks more photos from reunion events will be mosted as well as many more pics from the Class of 1966 school years.


Try singing the short patriotic song “Proud to be an American” over and over and OVER from First Ave down Orange Ave. to R.H. Dana Circle during the 4th of July parade and have as much fun singing it the first time as the last. That’s what the Coronado High Class of 1966 did during their 50th reunion on a float dedicated to 52 classmates who served in the military and 37 classmates who had passed away.

With three days dedicated to catching up on 50 years of gossip the returning alumni have nothing but praise for the reunion committee who pulled it all together. Words do not express the admiration for Ann Kirk Goodfellow, Art Battson, Bryan Wiggins, Jim Newhall, Julie Harris Corn, Peggy Lenson Allen, Sue Yench Belmonte, and Teddi DiAngelo Reilly and the events they coordinated. Classmate Bruce Johnson, who has attended every Coronado Parade since he was 2 months old in 1948, deserves credit for being a voice for the class as he gathered alumni around him while announcing the parade entries on the 4th and emceeing the reunion dinner.

Celebrating the eighth reunion party for the Class of 1966 over 50 years the Coronado Golf Course Clubhouse had 70 alumni from near and far pulled together again with spouses and families in attendance on July 2nd. Classmates gathered that afternoon to prepare the room for the reunion party with poster boards that covered the walls with memorabilia, homecoming football game programs, dance cards from proms, student newspapers and hundreds of photographs. “Whatever happened to…” was the topic around the names of 28 missing classmates lost over the years that no one had a clue as to their life had led them.

Pride was expressed for the men who served in the military and the classmates marveled that they did not loose a single man to the Vietnam War. Memories were shared, photos taken, and the group discovered that the boys who were class clowns and goofy in 1966 are still funny as old men. Some things never change. Class of 1966 graduates gathered as a group for Music in the Park on July 3rd and dedicated the event to Nancy Dodson, a classmate who died earlier this year but was always the life of the party at reunions. That night was the All School Reunion at the Golf Course Clubhouse and while the crowds and noise were cacophonous inside you could conduct conversations outside. Gary Maltby, a fellow alumni, had his West Coast Ironworks band playing Golden Oldies and said his group has been playing 49 years! Departing the event the returning alumni commented on the number of bicycles locked to any upright object or tree in the parking lot. There must have been hundreds of them.

Morning of the 4th the float was that had been prepared and decorated by a dedicated group from the Class of 1966 was occupied by class alumni riding on the float, playing music, marching alongside and one woman was on a rocking chair on the float that said “Never Too Old to Rock and Roll” hoisting a sign that said “I’m Not Old I’m Vintage” and “Flower Child Turned Flower Geezer.’ Gary Maltby led his classmates singing “Proud to be an American” as they brought up the end of the parade. Most all on the float were military brats and had no problem singing with enthusiasm and the crowds sang along at the top of their lungs…it was a classical Coronado 4th of July experience.

The Coronado High Class of 1966 alumni didn’t want the holiday to end. People are already looking forward to the 55th class reunion. Thanks to the Internet they are again a class connected to each other in so many ways. Coronado will always hold a special place in the hearts of Class of 1966 alumni. Thanks for the memories. Kathy Alban Tahja CHS Class of 66!