Changing Times

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Coronado Past

Lisa Krause a 1975 Coroando High Alum has developed a web page that provides wonderful pictures of Coronado Past.  Please check it out at

Lisa says, "The Coronado Past website is up and running. It is a work in progress. All the photos in the galleries will enlarge if you click on them, and some of the posts in the Coronado History Blog have links within them, to take you to more photos of each subject. I also included a link to the Del Webcam on the front page. So feel free to check it out, click on everything and please let me know what you think (preferably through the website)."

Her description of the page and what led to its creation is below:

CORONADO PAST began  in 2009, when Joe Ditler gave me a challenge to research and write an article about the fountain that had once been in the center of the courtyard at the Hotel Del Coronado, when it opened. At that time, no one knew anything about it, even what it looked like. As I was doing my research, I discovered many historical photos of Coronado and I was posting them on my FaceBook page. Everyone wanted to be my “FaceBook Friend” so they could see the pictures, even people I didn’t know. So I decided to create a separate page, which grew to over 2000 people. I named it Coronado Past.  All my “Friends” on Coronado Past were people who grew up in Coronado between the 1940’s and the 1970’s. Many of them I did not know, but I do now.  Everyone  shared the experiences they had during their childhood, through comments on the photos I posted  on the page. We have all shared so many memories about that time in our lives. Anyone who grew up in Coronado before the bridge was built, in 1969, had a completely different experience than those living there now. This page will attempt to visually explain the way it was.

The Ferry
20 Photos  6/26/16
The 60's
20 Photos  6/26/16