1965-1966 Senior Year

Junto Club 1965-66.

Front row Linda Burnett, Marsha Moyer, Janet Sneldaker, Julie Godfrey, Kathy Alban, Susie Rutter, Bob Bauslaugh, Dottie Perez, Shelley Pittman, Marilyn Nottingham, Geren Nichols

Back Row Cherie Walker, Beth Young, Rod Barazza, Leslie Yeager, Steve Mather, Bob Coffin, Joan Kunberger, Maggie Flynn, Jack Weisgerber, Rick Fenwick


Miscellaneous Picture - Can you pick out any classmates?  If so, let us know.

From Ernie Snowden:  Picture taken in the stadium bleachers. I believe I am the person shown at top center, with Robbie Earhart to my immediate right (her hand on my arm). To her right is Jim Barkhurst; to my left is Fred Parente. Others look familiar but can't recall names.