Military Service

We are thankful for the 52 Classmates from the Coronado High School 1966 Graduating Class that served and supported us and our county.  All but one of their pictures are in the attached photo gallery.

Those that served are:

*Picture missing

Name Military Branch
B. Adams Marines
Bill Boelter Air Force
Bill Hutson Air Force
Bill Marty Air Force
Bill Wittman Navy
Bill Wolken Air Force
Bob Ainsworth Navy
Bob Alley Navy
Bob Coffin Navy
Bob Smith Navy
Bruce Christensen Air Force
Bryan Wiggins Navy
Dale Johnson Navy
Dave Gautereaux Air Force*
David Farmer Navy
David Hoppe Navy
Don Larson Army Reserves
Don Preston  Army
Donald Hale Army
Doug Scarmozzino Navy
Ernie Snowden Navy
Greg Stiles Navy
James Klein Navy
Jim Plemons Army
Jim Zumwalt Marines
John Atkinson Army
John Richmond Navy
John Tiedemann Army Reserves
John Wittmann Navy
Ken Lasbury Air Force
Lee Moeller (Vance) Army
Linda Burnett Navy
Mike Kreck  Army
Mike Napolitano Marines
Patrick Savidge Navy
Peter DeBeck Air Force
Phil Imming Navy
Reid Dawkins Air Force
Rick Gaw Navy
Rick Husty Marines
Robert Bolick Air Force
Robert Farley US Health Service
Roy Farmer Navy
Scott Thomas Marines
Skip Harris Air Force
Steve Lupton Navy
Steve Nyland Navy
Steve Smith Army
Ted Allison Army
Tom Fargo Navy
Tom Sanders Army
Wayne Thompson Navy