56th Reunion Recap

56th Class Reunion Recap

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Kathy Alban/KatyTahja - CHS Class of 1966, Beachcomber Senior Class editor

On a warm summer July 23, 2022, night about 40 people gathered at the Christ Church patio to share love and memories after graduating from Coronado High 56 years ago. Denied a 55th reunion due to the pandemic we went for a 56th.

What is it that draws us together? We’ve had reunions at 10, 20, 25, 30, 35, 40, 45, and 50-year intervals and we still love them. We joked perhaps that we were the last of a time period where we were all striving and aiming for great things, and marijuana had not arrived at C.H.S. to cloud judgment. We were also a huge class, 261 graduates, with at least six appointments to military academies.

With talk of retired careers, grandkids, and surviving Covid. We found we still had a love for the same things we loved in High School…just ask Gary Maltby or Phil Imming about music. We still have people who are great at organizing events, like Anne (Kirk) Goodfellow, Art Battson, Bryan Wiggins, Don Hale, Jim Newhall, Sue (Yench) Belmonte, and Teddi (DiAngelo) Reilly.

We mourned the classmates we lost to death as that list grows ever longer. We laughed over photos I, Kathy Alban, had assembled from school days and reunions of the past. We wondered at Rowland Freeman, who had been a wild child poet in our class and yet became a minister and worked on the Blackfoot Reservation in Montana. Gary Rahill and I remembered an event from first grade when our classrooms next to the old fire station on Olive Ave. were moved to the “new” classrooms on Seventh…that was at least 65 years ago. It was a great evening for conversation and well wishes.

The attendees thank all those who organized the event, and we are looking forward to our 60th C.H.S. reunion. Kathy Alban/KatyTahja