Sacred Heart Jr High School

List of Students that attended Sacred Heart:

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James Barkhurst

Robin Bradford (Hamilton)

Lynne Campbell (East)

Trudy Childs (Mathews)

Bob Coffin

Steve Duryea

Greg Easton

Barbara Eck

Maggie Flynn

Kelly Gallagher

Bettina Galvin (Hunt)

Stephen Girard

Elvira Golez (Moore)

Christine Gowan

John Grentzer

Phil Imming

Bruce Johnson

Bill Krantz

Mary Lamberton (Parker)

Gordon McKee

Diane Mello (Adams)

Ann Merrill (Bowman)

Michael Napolitano

Stephen Nies

Susan O'Connor (Beard)

Rick Parente

Dottie Perez (Ingalls)

Richard Rebuffattee

Patty Reilly

Richard "Dick" Sims

Patrick Shourds

Kathy Stocker (Zimmer)

John Wesolowski