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George Richardson

George Richardson

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01/26/16 07:27 PM #1    

Gerry Rahill

I think George died well before 2005.  It is my recollection that it was about 1970.  Maybe someone can confirm that.

01/28/16 02:47 PM #2    

Don Larson

George probably died somewhere either in 1967 or 68, as I was in college and came home to hear the news.    It was a real shocker since I had known and played games with George since seventh grade.   Around tenth grade he changed and went with another crowd and I really never heard exactly what happened to him or why.  Did he committ suicide or was it a drug related accidental event or maybe murder?     Would love to hear what others think.

01/29/16 03:53 PM #3    

Judy Lear

Gosh, that's so sad....little did he know his parents would have been so much less disappointed about his not being a doctor as opposed to his suicide.....that's the worst!!


05/17/16 08:20 PM #4    

Ted Allison

I was a photographer at the time and was photographing contestants for Miss Coronado.  One of the contestants was George's girlfriend. She had to drop out of the contest. Very sad.

05/18/16 09:08 AM #5    

Doug Barnett

It was reported to me by Diane Mellow (1975) that she knew George very well. She said that he was an intelligent super nice guy who seemed to be a little too naive, idealistic, or as she put it, "too soft". He just couldn't take all the corruption in the counter culture movement and in the world in general. He was also seriously affected by phychedlics. Apparently, he decided to end it all and put his head into a gas oven.

05/18/16 02:54 PM #6    

Joan Childers

I remember when the police swept up those boys at the crack of dawn for dealing and how awful everyone felt about it.  I'm sorry a nice guy like George had to suffer so much for that.

05/19/16 09:09 AM #7    

Don Larson

I was out of state when this all happened.  Maybe someday, someone, that has all of the puzzle pieces, can fill in the puzzle for me.      I remember him dating Diane Mello and someone thought that their breakup might have contributed to his suicide.    

05/19/16 08:42 PM #8    

Rick Parente

I did not know George well; we spoke infrequently.  He lived down the street from me and I would see him riding his motorcycle up and down the street occassionally.  He would stop and we would talk.  We also saw each other at school on occasssion.  He was a really nice guy and I always got the impression that he was very intelligent and well spoken.  I was shocked by his death - it seemed such a waste - I was saddened that I had not made more of an effort to get to know him.

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