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Patti Reilly

Patti Reilly

Picture of Patty as Homecoming Queen Senior year and her escort contributed by Debbie Gill

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02/18/16 03:00 PM #1    

Don Larson

Surprised that someone has not written anything about Patty.    Maybe it was because she was the first one to pass on.       A beautiful girl and so nice.

02/18/16 03:31 PM #2    

Mary Lamberton (Parker)

Patty was my very best friend from 1st grade on we went to sacred heart grade school we were on pep squad together love her always such special memories

06/07/16 08:21 PM #3    

Richard Corlett

Patty is listed as having passed in '74 when, in fact, her plane went down on Jan. 31st, '72. Twenty-four years    old. So incredibly sad. Because of the time of year, logistics and most importantly, the lack of information (the internet of course, was barely a seed in the ground), it did not come as a huge surprise that Patty's Chula Vista graveside service was sparsely attended. If my memory serves me correctly (that's a stretch), the only peers in attendance were Mark Dean (Jeannie's forever), my brother Bill, Rick Willems, George Roberts, Mary Lamberton and Tish Parker. Certainly not representative of how much Patty was adored and loved but a major cry-fest nonetheless. On the theme of sadness, 2013 was a rough year for me and the other survivors of the three "brothers" that we lost. Within a span of less than six months Bill Hoffman died of his own choosing on his boat in Puerta Vallarta. George Roberts passed from a heart attack in San Diego. And Mike McAree lost his life from multiple organ failure at Coronado Hospital. The diminished families of Bill (brother Ned and his wife, Stephanie Wolfe) and George (mother Carol and brother Bruce) elected to say their good-byes privately. Patty Dehart (Mike's sister) on the other hand, gave her brother an absolutely epic send-off at the Coronado Yacht Club. There must have been in excess of 500 people and was the last time I saw Nancy Dodson. Condolences to the families of Dawkins, Doell, Long and Schultz. Four nicer guys you will not find. In conclusion, I regret that I cannot make it to our 50th as there are family medical issues that require my attention in Alabama. I do request that those that can attend make those that can't proud. Burn the town down......Affectionately, Dick Corlett




06/09/16 09:45 PM #4    

Maggie Flynn

Dick - what a nice comment!


06/10/16 10:22 AM #5    

Rick Parente

I didn't know Pattie well in High School.  We did go to Sacred Heart Elementary together and I knew her better then.  I was always impressed with the number of kids who were drawn to her.  She had an understated elegance even as a child which carried over into her high school years.  It is remarkable that although she passed away in the early '70s, her memory seems ever present.

06/11/16 09:46 AM #6    

Mary Grevemeyer

I did not know Patti very well, as we all remember, the 'clicks', and I was not in her 'click'.  I do remember her and that she was a cheer leader. But what I remember most, was how utterly pretty she was, and friendly.  When I joined Class of 66, she was the one that struck me as most sad in her passing. I am still shocked that she passed so young, along with a lot of others I went to school with.  Pretty, friendly, and a wonderful sorry Patti. God Bless you and your family.

06/11/16 11:05 PM #7    

Bruce Hb Johnson

Patti was one of the highlights of my youth. So much fun to be around. Always smiling and always nice to everyone. She was truly a class act. She was my girlfriend for a while in 6th grade. I recall vividly taking her to the movies at Village theater and sitting in the very last row up against the wall where we were not easily seen. First time I ever put my arm around a girl! Like I said one of the highlights of my youth. We had quite the class at Sacred Heart with the likes of Patti, Michel Napolitano, Richard Rebuffattee, Kelly Gallagher, Kathy Stocker, Steve Duryea, Pat Shourds, Hoppy Stanton, Bridget Fitzpatrick, Elvira Golez, Lynne Campbell and others. Lots of hi-jinks and interactions with nuns, especially our no nonsense principal Sister Serena. As mentioned elsewhere Kelly Gallagher, Richard Rebuffattee and I all got suspended from school for peroxiding our hair! Kelly & Dick's hair turned orange while I was already something of a dirty towhead and just got lighter. No matter I got suspended too. I also vividly recall Patti with green hair! That summer we spent a lot of time at the Officer's Pool at North Island and the high concentration of chlorine in the pool water would turn a natural blonde's hair green. No one had prettier blonde hair than Patti.

What wonderful days we had on Coronado Island in the late 50's and early 60's. And Patti was always right in the center of things. Always smiling. Always nice...

06/12/16 10:05 AM #8    

Sue Burrell

Patti seemed to be the standard against which beauty and grace were measured.  She was charismatic but also friendly and engaged with people. Her career flying to places like Tahiti seemed so glamorous at a time before people traveled so much. Maybe because of her enormous presence for all of us, it seemed especially stunning that she died so young and so tragically. It has been very touching to read the comments of people who knew her well...  

01/23/20 04:13 PM #9    

Timothy Chiara

I remember going to a junior high dance. Jim Newhall was in the back, cardsharping.

Patti came in,blonde hair glowing in the darkness. I believe she danced with Kelly.

All I knew, was that she was a Sacred Heart girl. Stunning to this little boy.


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