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Janet Irvine (Fisher)

Janet Irvine (Fisher)

Note the committe received from Janet right after the 45th reunion in 2011:

" I wanted to let you know that I was so disappointed to have missed our reunion.   In May I was diagnosed with leukemia and have spent a lot of time in Kaiser Permanente hopital since then.   Soon, I may be going for a stem cell transplant with my sister Lucy (married Pat McVey) as a doner.  Beth Nelson (now Adams) will be coming out from Florida to help care for me after that process.   Anyway, I wanted to let you know where I was and why I missed the party.  

Lucy Irvine McKey shared this on the class FB page March 7, 2012:

My sis, Janet Irvine, Class of 66 died of Leukemia on Jan. 16, 2012. Family all pitched in and we took care of her 27/7 at her home as were her wishes. Her passing was a pleasant one.

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02/18/16 12:01 PM #1    

Beth Nelson (Adams)

Janet and I stayed close till the end. She was my Maid of Honor when I remarried and I hers when she finally tied the knot. So many wonderful memories of our shenanigans together! She loved seeing everyone at these reunions and will be missed so very much.  




02/19/16 10:45 AM #2    

Joan Kunberger (Sofen)

When I moved to Coronado towards the end of 7th grade, Janet was one of my first friends.  She lived abourt 6 houses from us and helped transition me to life in Coronado.  Good friend.  Sorry to learn of her death.  Too young.

02/19/16 11:42 AM #3    

Maggie Flynn

I remember Janet so well -- it seems like we were in school together forever.  My comment is really about her father, Capt. Irvine, and the day my friends and I engaged in a "high speed chase" with him around Coronado.  I think I was driving my parents' Ford Galaxy and I was with Robin Bradford, Susy Burrell, Dottie Perez and Susy Rutter (they might have better memories about who was in the car) -- we were throwing water balloons and feeling pretty wild and crazy.  We threw a balloon at a car and then realized it was Capt. Irvine.  Yikes!!  And then he turned around and started following us and the high speed chase began as we drove randomly around Coronado (obeying all traffic laws, of course) with Capt. Irvine on our tail.  We just couldn't shake him.  Finally, we caved under the pressure, we couldn't take it any more, and we pulled over, as did he.  Then he came up to the car and said, in a very kind way, "Girls, you shouldn't throw water balloons at cars, that's dangerous."  What a nice man.  I'll never forget that he took all that time just to gently teach us a lesson.


02/19/16 05:27 PM #4    

Joanie Campbell (Patton)

Janet and I were roommates at SDSU in 1968-1969. She was an excellent cook and I learned how to make lasagna by watching her feed all the guys in our apartment building!  Such good memories of her at the Beachcomber and the Pennant in Mission Beach in later years. She was a great friend. I will miss her. 

03/08/16 04:30 AM #5    

Robin Bradford (Hamilton)

Even as a young girl, Janet had a wicked laugh and it was extremely easy to get into trouble with her. Everything was an adventure. One year for Halloween, we painted large boxes white with big black dots and went as dice. We got rolled in the park by some fifth grade boys who shall remain nameless but their ringleader's initials were Bruce Johnson.  During the summers, we'd ride our bikes to the Hotel Del for swimming and occasional mad dashes through the hallways, knocking on doors of strangers and yelling out "Room Service" if anyone answered. Then we'd scurry away like little rats and hide, barely able to supress our expressions of hilarity.  If anyone deserved to be banished from the hotel, it was us, but strangely, we were never caught.

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